• uni-directional, flasher and steady warning
  • 65 f/min. warning flasher
  • 12 V AC / 220 V AC power
  • high quality reflective sheet and LED lamps
  • operating temperature range: -20°C/+60°C
  • with knob joint; 360° rotatable and 45° bendable head
  • can be attached to omega pole and Ø50-Ø75 mm pole
  • meet IP 55 requirements
  • reflective sheet is certified by ASTM D 4956-11a-Type I
  • wide range of use: all warning and working zone including roads, construction areas,residential areas, school ahead, parking lots and etc.


Part No.11880 FL A 11881 FL A11882 FL A11883 FL A
Dimensions-Cover(L*W)320*320 mm320*320 mm320*320 mm320*320 mm
Weight(approx)3.3 Kg3.3 Kg3.3 Kg3.3 Kg
MaterialPC-Reflective SheetingPC-Reflective SheetingPC-Reflective SheetingPC-Reflective Sheeting
Part No.11885 FL A 11887 FL A
Dimensions-Cover(L*W)320*320 mm320*320 mm
Dim.-lens (Ø)300 mm300 mm
Weight(approx)3.3 Kg3.3 Kg
MaterialPC-Reflective SheetingPC-Reflective Sheeting

Electronic Specifications

Voltage12V AC
220V AC
Flash Rate65 F/min
Visibility Dist.500m (night)
Operation Timewhole night/daily sunlight
Operation Temp.-20°C/+60°C