Confirmed quality

Innovations under condition of EN 13422 Europe standardization make EVELUX successful in international marketsLong Life Plastic Material

  • Resistance to natural weather condition3
  • UV Resistance
  • Resistance to friction
  • High quality reflective sheeting and lenses
  • Easy Installation and Endurance

Customer Relations

eveluxafrica presents its product range and service to their distributers and end users to have diversity with high quality. We are producing brand new items, which are of the highest level.

Close to Local Markets

Being close to market is a determining factor for success. With our capable partners in the most important export markets and agent network Africa, we carry on our efficiency in local markets and contact with our customers by the most efficient way.

Delivery from Ready Stocks

Evelux delivers the orders to customers from stocks on time! This warrants trust and time saving to its customers.

Fast and Effective

To make a fast and effective product, eveluxafrica has a series of high tech injection machines and automated production line. Production is supplied by high pressure injection molding techniques. Evelux africa stand out together with its professional management process and high quality operation.


Quality for Trust

Distributors are aware that eveluxafrica is a market leader. All Evelux production areas are completely compliant of DIN ISO 9001:2008. Also to increase the quality of our products, we will continue investing in production, R&D and the education of our team.